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Delivery FAQ

I know paying shipping is never fun, but if it makes you fell any better we subsidise our rates, as such we pay more to the delivery companies than we charge you

Here's our flat-rate delivery costs which cover deliveries to VIC|NSW|QLD|TAS|NT

  • $6.99 No Delivery Company Preference 
  • $7.99 Shipit-Courier's Please
  • $8.99 Australia Post
  • $12.99 Express Post
  • Live Quote Shipping Same Day Delivery as Dispatch in VIC

Here's our flat-rate delivery costs which cover deliveries to SA|WA

  • $9.99 Express Post. Regular parcels travel to SA & WA via train. The recent floods have damaged the rail line to SA & WA and a freight train has derailed, as such we've been informed by Australia Post that standard delivery to SA & WA is currently not an option for the foreseeable future. Express Post travels by plane, so it's still a viable option. We understand some of our SA & WA customers would prefer our "$6.99 No Delivery Company Preference" standard shipping option. Our Express Post option is usually $12.99. As Express shipping has been forced on us and you as the only viable option to SA & WA for the moment, we've decided to split the price difference and offer our SA & WA customers flat-rate Express shipping for only $9.99

Shipping (delivery) address tips for smooth delivery:

  • Suburb and Postcode must match. If they don't your order may get delivered to the wrong suburb
  • It's better to write your Suburb in the address than your Capital City
  • If you order is destined for delivery to an apartment, unit, suite, lot or certain floor of a building then please write this before the street number followed by a space or / if an alternate format is used this may result in your order being RTS (returned to sender). Here's an example of perfect formatting Unit 1/2 Test Street
  • If your order is getting delivered to a business address, it's best to write the name of the business in the "Company (optional)" area
  • For deliveries to a business it's also helpful to write the operating days/hours in the "note for the delivery person" area on the cart page
  • If you're not a fan of delivery drivers leaving a "sorry we missed you" card, then adding your mobile into the "Phone (optional)" area can help prevent this from happening
  • If there's any specific delivery instructions you'd like the delivery person to see, please write them in the "note for the delivery person" area on the cart page