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About Us

We're called Lime Blue Coffee because we've set out to merge various aspects of the coffee industry into something new that is incredible and slightly mysterious. The same way the colours Lime and Blue exist, but what colour is Lime Blue?

Our motto is "We save time via unique internal strategies and you save money, without the need to compromise on quality."

How can we offer 84+ grade high quality coffee at such low prices? Efficiency; we're a small hardworking team with very lean operations. We roast our blends, rotating Single Origins and Decaf several times a week. Our innovative systems keep our overheads manageable based on our product prices and minimises wastage, as we roast-to-order, striving to dispatch our high quality coffee, fresh within 48 business hours of roasting.

All our coffee is omni roasted, meaning it suits both espresso and filter brewing methods. For optimal enjoyment of our fresh coffee we recommend freezing any part of your order you think will take you longer than about a month to get through, this will drastically slow oxidation in its tracks and extend the freshness of your coffee for months. Freezing coffee is essentially putting a timestamp on its current state of freshness, hence the requirement that you receive our coffee close to its roast date.

Our sourcing philosophy:

Most of the worlds coffee is Commodity grade (below an 80 score) and is purchased with a Certification which aligns the purchase price to the fluctuating Commodity market price and does not necessarily have a correlation between quality and price e.g. Fair Trade. Commodity grade coffee generally best geared towards larger companies purchasing huge volumes and can potentially result in farmers being paid less than the cost of production for their coffee. We've chosen a different path to how we source our coffee. We only use high-end Specialty Grade (above an 80 score) coffee.

The coffee we source has a direct correlation between quality and price. The higher the quality, the higher the price paid to farmers, thus the higher the incentive for farmers to further improve their coffee in the future. This translates to farmers earning enough of a profit from their coffee to be able to reinvest a portion of it into further improving their farm. This investment is best done in a holistic manner; making sure their equipment is up to scratch, the people working on the farm are happy with the conditions there (we mainly source from relatively small lots, so they're often family run, but some do have employees), their agricultural learning development is ongoing and their surrounding environment is well looked after to ensure their farm still exists a decade from now.

We're very careful and considered when investing with partners (Importers and Farmers) to source our coffee from, to ensure we work with passionate like-minded people, who value exceptional coffee and have a long-term approach to continually improving quality. All whilst trying to balance fair pricing for our customers as well.  

On a personal note I have family who have been on the land as farmers (albeit not in the coffee industry) for generations, and as such I have a particular connection to supporting rural farms and communities.