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About Us

We're called Lime Blue because we've set out merge various aspects of the coffee industry into something new that is awesome and slightly mysterious. The same way the colours Lime and Blue exist, but what colour is Lime Blue...Our motto is "We save time, you save money, without the need to compromise on quality."

How can we offer 84+ grade high quality coffee at such low prices? Efficiency; we're a small hardworking team with lean operations. We're based in Victoria, Australia. We roast our blend, rotating Single Origin and Decaf every second day. Our systems keep our overheads manageable based on our product prices and means there's hardly any wastage, as we roast-to-order.

All our coffee is omni roasted, meaning it suits both espresso and filter brewing methods. For optimal enjoyment of our fresh coffee we recommend each order you place will be consumed within a Month.

We love roasting coffee! Most of our time is spent focusing on roasting coffee really well, consistently. In terms of operation size, our sweet spot is medium; too small and we'd have to charge double the price to pay the bills, too large and we'd have to lower the quality to charge the low prices we do.