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El Salvador Usulután CM Single Origin

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El Salvador Usulután Carbonic Maceration Natural Jasper Processed Single Origin

Score = 88/100

Aroma =  Mango, Papaya, Grape, Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Salted Caramel Popcorn 

Sweetness = Brown Sugar 

Acidity = Strawberry

Fruit 1 to Chocolate 10 Flavour Scale = 3.5

Type = Arabica-Pacamara

Grown = 1600m

Process = Carbonic Maceration Natural Jasper-All coffee goes through a fermentation process to remove the beans (seeds) from the coffee fruit (cherry). Historically speaking Carbonic Maceration an anaerobic fermentation processed used to create vibrant, fruity, light, red wines. CM processed coffees go through an additional fermentation process to accentuate certain flavour characteristics. These cherries are hand picked and sorted, so only ripe cherries make it to the fermentation stage. These ripe coffee cherries are placed in the airtight tanks still in whole cherries for 2-3 days, during this time the tanks are filled with with CO2 which in turn expels Oxygen from the tank. While the cherries are fermenting in these anaerobic tanks the temperature and humidity levels are monitored to enhance the tropical fruit qualities. Once the CM process is complete, the coffee cherries are spread in thin layers on drying beds for an additional 20 days being turned/moved regularly to allow even exposure. Then to coffee moves to the dry mill for the final stages of processing before export

Brew Method  = Light omni roasted to suit Pour Over/Drip Filter and Espresso

Beverage Base = Best enjoyed black. Of course you're welcome to add milk if you wish and it'll still be delicious, but if you don't like coffee without milk or don't like fruit notes in coffee then we recommend you get our Moments to Memories blend or Peru Chanchamayo Single Origin