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500g-5kg Colombia Spring Water Naturally EA Processed Decaf

Sale price $16.19 Regular price $26.99

Score = 85/100

Aroma = Fruit Salad

Sweetness = Cantaloupe

Acidity = Grape

Fruit 1 to Chocolate 10 Flavour Scale = 7

Type = Arabica-Castillo

Grown = 1900m Volcanic Soil Quality

Process = Grown, Washed & Decaffeinated in Colombia using spring water and natural Ethyl Acetate from the sugar cane industry. After the decaffeination process is complete there is less than 5% of residual EA compared with EA natural occurring in fruit such as a ripe Banana. EA will evaporate at ~70°C, during roasting the beans will reach temperatures in excess of 200°C, which means that any residual EA as a result of the Decaffeination process will be gone by the time the good stuff reaches your door. We've just gone into this amount of detail because there's a lot of contradictory info out there about the EA process, likely backed by competing processes. We just want to clarify that the EA we roast is all done with a natural process as opposed to a synthetic chemical process. Overall we think it's delicious and aside from the look of the beans (they look like decaf beans) we think this Decaf is so delicious that many people wouldn't be able to tell its decaf just by tasting it. If you want more info here's a link to the company that Decaffeinates this coffee Overall, this coffee is incredibly delicious and we believe would give any caffeinated coffee a run for its money in terms of flavour, its clean with medium body/mouthfeel tasting very similar to a high quality Washed Kenyan coffee.

Brew Method  = Espresso or Filter - Omni Roasted

Beverage Base = Black or White - Deliciously Sweet Black, Enough Oomph to Cut Through Milk