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500g-5kg Swiss Water Process Decaf

Regular price $26.99

*Please read the last paragraph of this description prior to ordering, it relates to dispatch date for any order including an our SWP Decaf

Score = 84/100

Aroma = Nutty

Sweetness = Cola

Acidity = Cereal

Type = Arabica-Catuai

Grown = 1800m

Process = Grown & Washed in Colombia then Shipped to Canada to go through the Swiss Water Decaffeination Process - Clean with Medium Body/Mouthfeel

Brew Method  = Espresso or Filter - Omni Roasted

Beverage Base = Black or White - Deliciously Sweet Black, Enough Oomph to Cut Through Milk

All Swiss Water Process Decaf goes through the decaffeination processed in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately the Swiss Water Company has been having a lot of trouble getting coffee from Origin for processing and shipping decaf coffee from Canada around the world. There's been no SWP Decaf available from the exclusive importer for a few months now and the shipping time frame of more coffee has been getting pushed out weeks at a time since November due to the shipping delays in Canada. Good news is there's some green/raw SWP Decaf currently on the water sailing to Australia, with an ETA around the middle of January. As such, any order placed between now and then containing our Swiss Water Process Decaf will be roasted and shipped (meaning the entire order, e.g. if you order Moments to Memories and SWP Decaf both will be shipped in January) between 17th-21st January, 2022. Unless of course you're requested a delayed dispatch beyond mid Jan.