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500g Guatemala Ayarza Single Origin

Regular price $24.99

Score = 85/100

Aroma = Pecan Praline 

Sweetness = Milk Chocolate

Acidity = Plum

Fruit 1 to Chocolate 10 Flavour Scale = 8

Type = Arabica, Bourbon

Grown = 1500m Volcanic Soil

Process = Washed - Clean with Medium Body/Mouthfeel

Brew Method  = Espresso or Filter - Omni Roasted

Beverage Base = Beverage Base = Absolutely incredible white/milk based coffees. That said it's still delicious as a black coffee. If you thought this coffee couldn't sounds any better, wait until we tell you that you'll get a free Tim Tam™ when you order this wonderful Single Origin.

For those of you traveling on our FBC Surprise Mystery Flight, this is a different Guatemala SO to your second stop.