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Hario Smart G Handy Electric Grinder

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Grinding fresh coffee night before you brew it or pull a shot is a wonderful experience and in a flavour league of it's own compared to using pre-ground coffee. We're over the moon to have found a solution for you to enjoy the wonderful experience of grinding your own delicious coffee without breaking the bank or needing a PHD and a lab coat to make a world class coffee; drum role please...introducing the Hario Smart G Electric Handy Grinder. Bang for buck, this grinder is wonderful value and I'd still say that if it was 5 times the price, it really is such a quality and versatile unit. This grinder is an amazing option for anyone currently getting pre-ground coffee, looking to make fresh coffee when you're out an about or simply would like to try different types or styles (it has grind settings to suit both filter and espresso style coffees).

Hario Smart G Electric Handy Grinder comes with: Hario Smart G Portable Burr Grinder, Rechargeable Stick Motor with USB charging Cable, Motor Holder to make grinding the coffee an absolute breeze, Manual handle if you prefer to manually grind your fresh coffee

*Please note grinder will be clear and packaging of grinder and motor will be in two separate boxes